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Berbere Seasoning 1lB-454g

Berbere Seasoning 1lB-454g

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✅TREAT YOURSELF TO AUTHENTIC ETHIOPIAN CUISINE | Spice up your favorite dishes with our berbere seasoning, made from a carefully selected blend of authentic Ethiopian spices that deliver heat and mouth watering taste.

✅AFRICAN SEASONING FOR UNFORGETTABLE FLAVOR | Add some heat to your dish with a delicious mix of unique spices. Our Berbere seasoning is a great addition to stews, soups, meat, chicken, lentils, kabobs, and more!


Paprika,Salt,Coriander,Turmeric,Cayenne,Fenugreek,Black Pepper,Garlic Powder,Cardamom,Cinnamon,Cumin,Carrway Seed,Ginger,Cloves,Nutmeg
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